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PRODUCT NAME My Choice Family Funeral Plans
        * (You can stop these increase at anytime)  
Sanlam considers a spouse to be someone the policyholder is married to. This relationship must be in place when cover is applied for.   
This is your Child or your Spouse’s child. A Child meets these conditions:  
• Not married; • Biological child adopted child or stepchild.  
• Before their 25th birthday; and                
These relationships must be in place when cover is applied for.  
Sanlam considers a marriage to be when two people are:  
• Married according to the laws of any sovereign country;  
• Married according to customary or tribal law;  
• Married under any religion that is practiced in South Africa;  
• Living together and financially dependent on one another for at least 6 months; or  
• Party to a civil union in terms of the Civil Union Act, 2006.  
The following is a brief summary of all the benefits available on the My Choice Family Funeral Plan that you selected.  
“You” and “Your” mean the policyholder.  
Exclusions for all benefits except for Savings Benefit:  
Sanlam will not pay a benefit if it is as a direct or indirect result of active participation in war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, illegal strikes, warlike operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting to an uprising or riot, military or usurped power.  
Funeral Cover  
We will pay:  
• The Funeral Cover amount.  
When we will pay:  
• On the death of a person covered on this policy.  
• When cover starts if death is because of an accident.  
• Six (6) months from cover start if death is due to non-accidental causes.  
• Stillbirth claims for the policyholder and spouse, if covered, for stillbirths that happen after the 28th week of pregnancy.  
We will not pay:  
• If the death is due to non-accidental causes within six (6) months from cover start.  
• The Funeral Cover amount for children after the end of the month that they turn 25.  
Savings Benefit  
This is an optional benefit allowing you to save as little as R10 per month from 5 up to 15 years. If you die, the money will be paid out to your chosen beneficiaries.  
On maturity we will pay:        
• The greater of the fund value and the sum of all the savings premiums paid, less allocation charges, less any payments from the fund (partial surrenders) which is the Guaranteed Maturity Value (GMV)*.  
Restriction period:  
• During the first 5 years you are allowed to withdraw a portion of your investment by requesting a part surrender.  
• Legislation allows you to make only one part surrender from your policy in the first 5 years.  
• The part surrender may not be more than your premiums paid plus 5% and any remaining balance must remain invested up until the restriction period ends.  
• If at any time, you increase your premiums by more than 20%, a new restriction period will apply on the increased premiums and run together with the initial restriction period.  
• After the restriction period, you are allowed to make as many withdrawals as you want.  
• You can also make your Savings Benefit paid-up when you notify us that you want to stop paying premiums, but your existing investment remains fully invested in the fund.  
* The Guaranteed Maturity Value (GMV) is the sum of all the premiums paid, less all charges and fees, less any payments from the investment value (partial surrenders).  
Premium paid-up  
Sanlam will pay the premiums on the policy, excluding the savings premiums, when the principal life assured turns 75 provided that the principal life assured has been paying premiums for at least 15 years.  
If the Savings Benefit term ends after the above, the principal life assured will still pay the premiums for the Savings Benefit until the end of the Savings Benefit term.  
Burial Repatriation Benefit  
This provides for:  
• The transportation of a deceased life assured from the Republic of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique (south of the 22 degree parallel) to the place of burial anywhere in South Africa.  
• Travel and overnight accommodation for a family member accompanying the deceased.  
• Arranging counselling for family members, funeral arrangement advice and help with claims and death certificates.  
Unemployment and Pregnancy - Payment Holiday  
We will:  
• Allow you to keep the policy active for 12 months without making any monthly premium payments if you become pregnant or unemployed.  
• Pay R5 000 during this time if you die in an accident and had cover.  
• Payment holiday allowed once during the life of the policy.  
• Allow all lives covered on the policy to use the Burial Repatriation Benefit during the payment holiday.  
We will not pay:  
• Any other benefit during this payment holiday.  
• The Savings Benefit premium during the time this benefit is active.  
This helps you keep up with the rising costs of living by increasing your premium and cover. After the start of the policy, you can change your premium and cover increases.  
You can also change or stop the increases anytime by giving Sanlam notice.  
Cash Back Benefit  
We will pay:  
• an amount of money to you, at the end of every 3-year period, if the policy is active.  
• The amount is equal to a number of month’s premiums paid by you from the first year in that 3-year period, but does not include the Savings Benefit premiums paid.  
When we will pay:  
• At the end of each 3-year period starting from the first policy issue date.  
We will not pay:  
• If you are not paying the premiums on the date this benefit is due.  
How much will you get back on the Cash Back Benefit?  
Number of premiums from the start of the 3 year cycle that are paid back  
Sample initial monthly funeral premium (no Savings Benefit)  
Escalation 5% or 10% Premium at start of second 3 year cycle (start of year 4)  
First Cash Back Benefit amount (paid at end of year 3)*  
Second Cash Back Benefit amount (paid at end of year 6)**  
Even if you haven't paid all your premiums, but your policy is still active on the day the Cash Back Benefit is due, we will pay the amount below less the premiums that you have missed.  
* This will be the amount paid back if there are no missed premiums, no alterations on the policy and no one dies.  
** This will be the amount paid back if there are no missed premiums, no alterations on the policy, no one dies and all escalations are paid.  
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