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Funeral Cover: Principal Life  
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Principal Life must be aged 18 to 54.
Funeral Cover: Spouse & Children
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Cover Amount/s:
1 Spouse aged 18 to 54 & 5 Children aged 0 to 24 allowed. 
Funeral Cover: Parents & Parents-in-law
Maximum 4  Parents & Parents-in-law aged 0 to 75 allowed.
Funeral Cover: Wider Family
Maximum 4  Wider Family aged 0 to 75 allowed.
Defined Debility Cover
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Funeral Cover
 Principal Life
 Wider Family    
Defined Debility Cover
 Principal Life
Savings Benefit
 0 % Escalation pa
 5 % Escalation pa
 10 % Escalation pa
T&C's apply for illustrated & guaranteed return.
Double Accident Benefit
Pays amount equal to the funeral cover in event of the PRINCIPAL LIFE’s death in an accident.
Burial Repatriation Benefit
Funeral support service for ALL INSURED LIVES, aiding with transport of mortal remains and funeral arrangement.
Escalation Benefit
Optional premium increase of 5% or 10% to protect cover amount against inflation risk. 
Benefit Descriptions
Compulsory Benefits
The benefits discussed below are compulsory benefits and are linked to the principal life assured.
Funeral Cover
The benefit pays out the cover amount, including escalations if applicable, on the event of death of the principal life assured.
Savings Benefit *
It is a recurring premium, unit-linked, endowment savings plan with a term equal to the policy term, providing for the payment of a guaranteed maturity value. Included in the premium for the plan selected.
* T&C's apply to guarantee offered.
Automatically Included Benefits
There is no additional premium charged for these benefits which are automatically included in the premium. The benefit starts from cover start date.
Double Accident Benefit
This benefit pays an additional amount equal to the Funeral Cover amount, including escalations if applicable, on the event of accidental death of the principal life assured.
Escalation Benefit
It protects the benefits that pay out a cover amount against the rising cost of living by increasing the premium and the cover amount each year by the selected percentage.
Burial Repatriation Benefit
The benefit is a funeral support service which provides for the transport of the mortal remains and funeral arrangement assistance in the event of death of the lives assured.
The benefit also provides for:  Transportation arrangements for a single relative, accommodation for a maximum of one night, Legal assistance regarding the funeral procedures, assistance in the arrangement of a funeral or cremation and assistance in obtaining a death certificate. 
Optional Benefits
The Optional Benefits can be selected at the start of the policy or at any time after at an additional cost.
Family Funeral Cover
The benefit pays out the cover amount, including escalations if applicable, on the event of death of the life assured.
Spouse: 18 – 54 years 
Children: 0 – 24 years (ends on their 25th birthday) 
Parents and parents-in-law: Ages 26 to 75 
Wider Family: Ages 0 to 75 years (Parents, grandparent, grandchild, niece, nephew, brother- & sister-in-law, etc. ) 
Defined Debility Cover
The benefit pays out a percentage of the cover according to the severity of the debility, including escalations if applicable, in the event of the life assured suffering a listed impairment. Principal life assured and Spouse, aged 18 to 54, is eligible. 
This benefit pays the cover amount or % of the cover amount, for the permanent loss or loss of use of one limb/s, - of foot or feet, - hand or hands, - sight in eye or eyes, - hearing in ear or ears or the loss of speech. 
Additional Savings Benefit
The same rules that apply to the compulsory savings benefit applies to the additional savings benefit (i.e. same rules with regard to guaranteed maturity values, term, allocation percentages, investment portfolio and surrender rules & penalties).
If the additional Savings Benefit is selected the premium is added to the compulsory savings premium and together this creates one savings premium.